Laura Westrope grew up in Scottsbluff, Nebraska and moved to Phoenix in 2005. Music has always been an integral part of Laura's life as has her faith in God. She grew up in the church but admits she was always more concerned about following the rules than really pursuing a relationship with Jesus.  After enduring some difficult years, she felt the Lord drawing her in and showing her how incredible a thriving relationship with Him could be.  She recommitted her life to Jesus and has seen evidence of His presence in everything.  Her faith has been put to the test through hardship, however she believes it's stronger than ever.  "Faith doesn't mean being optimistic," she says, "but having assurance of what's to come."  Her faith and the hope it gives her is the main inspiration for her songwriting.  She draws on that and her life experiences to compose emotional and thought provoking songs that she prays will minister to the hearts of listeners.  "My deepest desire for these songs is that they communicate the unfathomable love God has for us and the incredible hope we have through Jesus.  We can face anything in this life if we have the hope of Jesus and the assurance of eternity." She is married with three children and is the contemporary worship director at North Ridge Community Church in Cave Creek, Arizona.


Photographer: Adam Westrope